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IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch

Your Family is Our Family!

Our proprietary process ensures our engineered fiber meets or exceeds the impact-absorbing and metal testing requirements of ASTM F1292 and ASTM F2075 as required by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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• IPEMA Certified Playground mulch

• Simple maintenance, clean and eco-friendly

• Free of chemicals, coatings, glues and laminations (versus potentially harmful alternatives i.e. rubber mulch)

• Clean blend of cured lumber material without dust and dirt

• Kiln-dried hardwood is 50% drier, which provides optimal longevity

• Certified fall protection material

• Bulk Playground Mulch sold by cubic yard

New! PlayZone Plus

• Water-based blue paint chips adds color to your playground mulch

• Same eco-friendly benefits as traditional wood fiber, but with a little fun!

• Budget friendly, savings up to 20%

• Bulk Playground Mulch sold by cubic yard


• High-grade geotextile underlay fabric

• Sold by roll (300 ft.) or square foot (15 ft. wide)

Don't put your kids at risk!

Did you know you lose wood chips from your playground with constant play?

Always keep your playground full and make sure your mulch meets the Federal Critical Fall Height recommendation of 12” deep to help prevent injuries!

Bulk Mulch Calculator

Total:   cubic yards of mulch

For more information, see our Products Specifications and Playground Installation Instructions documents

Landscaping Mulch

Grow Healthier Plants FOR LESS with Recycled Mulch!

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Benefits of our Recycled Mulch

• Doesn’t float away like Bark Mulch

• Adds nutrients to the soil as it gradually decays (decays slower than traditional mulch)

• Blocks the sun resulting in cooler soil during the summer

• Retains moisture which allows for water conservation

• Splinterless

• knits to a beautify surface to provide a clean, fresh look

Oil Field Use Products

Spilled oil negatively affects the soil’s ability to absorb water, however when our product is applied it produces a sponge like reaction helping to remediate and cleanup spill effects and positively impact overall soil health.

• Hardwood LCM and 30 Mesh Minus made from pine and oak material

• Grade pine flour of pine wood fiber

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Biomass Fuel 

Using wood biomass as a fuel creates a dependable and renewable energy resource. Wood is often significantly less expensive than competing fossil fuels.  Additionally, it can be turned into a source of energy which emits substantially less Carbon Dioxide during the burning process ultimately, preserving air quality.

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Liquid Solidification Products

Transform liquid waste to a solid substance to be disposed of properly. Preserve groundwater and manage your liquid byproducts with our safe, convenient and cost-effective product.

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